Freezing Meat for Best Results

Freezing Meat for Best Results

If anything is true these days it’s that our shopping habits have been thrown totally off-kilter. It’s no longer logistically feasible to go to the store multiple times a week especially when you get there and they may or may not have what you are looking for. And when you’re trying to not go out too much, a once-a-week “big shopping trip” is necessary. Using your freezer to store food becomes essential rather than just convenient.

I think most people would agree that cooking food, especially meat, that is fresh is better. But, if you take the time to protect whatever you plan to freeze the results can be almost indistinguishable. So how do you do that? What’s the best way to store meat in the freezer?

The key to freezing meat is to make sure that there is little to air that can get in and spoil the meat. You can do this in a few ways.

If you have the opportunity and/or space for a vacuum food sealer it can be life-changing. Vacuum sealing meats, veggies, or fruits can ensure you have fresh-tasting food always on hand. Pandemic or not, it can be a real time saver when you can’t stop to pick something up at the store for dinner. The devices themselves are reasonably affordable depending on the make and model. But, the refill bags and rolls can be pricey if you are using them a lot. When you consider that sealed and frozen meat can last up to 6 months with no issues, the benefits might just outweigh the negatives.

If you don’t have the luxury of a vacuum sealer, you will need to wrap your purchases making sure that as little air can get in as possible. Here are two ways that work for me. Although, you can find various opinions and possibilities out there on the web.

The first method is with good-quality plastic wrap. Place the meat to be frozen on the plastic wrap and fold one of the sides over. Press down on the plastic to smooth it out and get rid of any air pockets. Fold the other side over and do the same thing. Fold the sides in one at a time, again smoothing them out to eliminate any air. Wrap the meat in a second layer of plastic wrap using the same technique. Place the double wrapped meat in an airtight layer of aluminum foil or a sealable freezer bag and place it in your freezer. Don’t forget to label the package with the contents and the date. Use the meat within a couple of months for best results.

The second method is with butcher paper. Again you want to make sure that as little air as possible can get in. Place the meat directly on the waxed side of the butcher paper and fold one side over. Smooth the paper with your hands to remove any air pockets. Tightly fold the other side over and smooth it out again. Fold the sides in once at a time and secure them with tape. Wrap the whole package in an airtight layer of foil. Tape the foil shut and mark the package with the contents and the date. Again use the meat within a couple of months for best results.

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