G. Cova Panettone Classico 1.76 ounce

pannettone classicoThis cupcake-sized panettone is absolutely charming. Weighing in at 1.76 ounces, it makes a perfect addition to a gift basket, or a personal treat.

G.Cova is simply the best. They bake fantastic, moist panettone. This is G.Cova’s classic fruit panettone, beautifully presented in their vintage style box. A delight to open at the Christmas table. (Or before if you can’t wait that long!)

Pasticceria G. Cova & Co was estblished in Milano, Italy in 1930, and has been owned and operated by Giovanni Cova and his family ever since. Known for their quality ingredients and innovative combinations, Cova is one of Milan’s most beloved bakeries.

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