Getting Outside—Huckleberry Regional Preserve

Huckleberry Preserve Hike one of the East Bay’s lesser-known trails.

While summer is still going strong, and the sun is going down after 8 PM, we have evenings to enjoy a quieter time in the woods.

Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve is an ecological jewel, and it’s just up the hill above Montclair. The native plant community there is found nowhere else in the East Bay. It represents a relic plant association growing only in certain areas along California’s coast—where ideal soil and climatic conditions exist.

Huckleberry self-guided nature path, a 1.7-mile loop, traverses a wide variety of terrain. The path descends into a mature bay forest, follows the contour for about half a mile, and then ascends to the botanically rich upper trail. You might even get a chance to sample some huckleberries!

Find details on the East Bay Parks website.

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