Golden State Cider

Golden State Cider Mighty DryCalifornia Cider Like No Other
Golden State Cider comes right out of California wine country in Sebastopol (where the Gravenstein Apple Fair takes place every August). Their style is to showcase the great diversity of the apple and always shine light on the unique fruit character above all else. The taste of these craft ciders speaks for themselves.

Inspired by their wine and beer making neighbors, Golden State Cider has adopted a postmodern cider-making philosophy—where bench-mark quality and efficiency drive the entire process, from orchard to can. You can count on Golden State Ciders to be vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and made with no concentrates. It’s all the stuff you want and nothing you don’t.

Here is what we have on our shelves:
Bay Brut Cider is a rustic, unfiltered dry cider that tastes like bay leaf, stonefruit, and crisp green apple. Goes great with outside. Pairs well with local cheeses, farm-fresh veggies, and steak.

Gingergrass Cider is a zesty, semi-dry ginger and lemongrass infused cider.
Goes great with outside. Pairs well with savory seafood dishes, ramen, sushi, or green papaya salad.

Mighty Dry is an off-dry bright cider that is reminiscent of apple champagne. Crafted with nothing but fresh-pressed West Coast apples, it’s versatile and tastes amazing by itself, paired with food, mixed into cocktails, and even used an ingredient in recipes. Try pairing Mighty Dry with oysters, fish tacos, paella. It’s crafted to be the perfect brunch or dining al fresco beverage.

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