GoodPop Summertime Frozen Treats

GoodPop Summertime Frozen TreatsGoodPop presents us with a cleaned-up version of the traditional Mexican-style palettes naturals (natural frozen fruit bars). They started selling in the local, Austin farmer’s market and are now sold all over the states. Made with the finest real, wholesome, and clean ingredients their flavor is unparalleled. Come by the store and try a few flavors.

These are the flavors we currently have in stock in the market:

Cherry + Lemonade
GoodPop’s Red, White & Blue is truly the cleaned-up classic summertime treat that will take you back to your childhood. This bright and sweet Cherry + Lemonade flavor is 100% fruit juice and contains no added sugar, artificial flavors, or colors. It’s a deliciously nostalgic frozen pop.

Cookies N’ Cream
GoodPop’s Cookies N’ Cream flavor doesn’t sacrifice on indulgence. It’s a creamy delectable blend of organic coconut cream, fair trade vanilla, and an organic, gluten-free, vegan chocolate cookie that GoodPop custom developed to meet all three attributes.

Hibiscus Mint
Is made in micro-batches with steeped Fair Trade Organic dried hibiscus flowers, organic mint, and fresh lime juice. Its bright, refreshing, and unique flavor has been making mouths water since Goodpop’s farmers market days.

Orange N’ Cream
A Classic Reinvented. This bright fresh flavor cleaned up version of that familiar popsicle. It’s dairy-free, vegan, real, and really good. The exterior shell is a bright sherbet blend of Valencia orange juice and organic coconut cream. The creamy core is organic coconut cream and fair trade vanilla.

GoodPop’s Strawberry is so jam-packed with real strawberries, they barely all fit in. It’s then lightly sweetened to perfection with a small amount of Fair Trade Organic cane sugar.

Watermelon Agave
I the new essential summertime treat. It’s unlike any other frozen pop out there. Made from freshly cut and juiced, locally sourced Texas watermelons (when seasonally available) and is lightly sweetened with Fair Trade Organic agave nectar.


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