Gowan’s 1876 Heirloom Cuvée Cider

Gowan's 1876 Heirloom Cuvée100% estate-produced cider at Gowan Family Orchards.
Fresh heirloom apples straight from the orchards craft a cider tribute to the Gowan family’s first apple harvest in 1876. This classic French-inspired cider captures the ripe apple aromatics of harvest time along with a rich earthiness, florals, honey, and stone fruit.

Over a dozen special kinds of apples were selected for this proprietary cuvée. Each variety contributes to complexity, flavor, tannin, and acid—making for exceptionally-balanced layers of flavor and a classic cider.

This select blend of fresh heirloom apples is tree-ripened in heritage orchards creating a classic traditional cider. Refreshing and crisp with luscious layers of ripe apple, notes of caramel, stone fruit, and rose.

Medium-dry. Lightly sparkling, this cider is smooth, crisp and refreshing with a medium finish.

Pairs well with
Cheeses, savory meals, pasta, spicy dishes, and chocolate.

Lightly chilled.

About Gowan’s Cider
The Gowan family has been growing apples on their land in the Anderson Vally for over 140 years. Aided by the famously rich soil deposits of the Navarro River and the perfect growing weather in Northern California six generations have grown top-quality produce and award-winning, hand-picked heirloom apples.

For forty years the family has been making sweet (non-alcoholic) cider. And, in the past several years they have begun crafting wine-style (hard) ciders, both sparkling and still. Their fruit-forward ciders bring the spirit of the Gowan family’s orchards to your table.

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