Heirloom Apples

cameo apples

The heirlooms are here in all their glory: freshness, variety of flavor, color and texture, and that wonderful reminder of what it means to be living in the Bay Area — so close to the source. Here are two of our favorites: 

Orange Pippin
Orange Pippin is the classic English apple, often regarded as the finest of apples. It sets the benchmark for flavor in apples to which all others aspire. The aromatic complexity and depth of flavors in a good Cox’s Orange Pippin are remarkable.

Although primarily considered a variety for eating fresh, the Orange Pippin is an excellent apple for juice and cider blends. It is a versatile culinary apple, with an inherently sweet flavor when baked, and is a common ingredient in English apple preserves, chutneys, and mincemeat.

The Cameo is not a true heirloom. It originally came from a single, lone tree which was found to be growing amidst an orchard full of Red Delicious apples in Dryden, Washington, in 1987. It is fast becoming one of the more sought-after of the newer varieties introduced to market. This lovely apple displays multiple colors, and holds its shape well when cooked.

This makes it an excellent choice for both pies and sauces. Cameo has a firm texture and a savory sweet-tart snap which is perfect for fresh eating. Slow to brown once it has been sliced, Cameo is the ideal lunch box apple, and is delicious in fruit or fresh green salads.


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