Honest Tea

Honest Tea Kids PouchesMade Honestly

Honest Kids Drink Pouches solve the dilemma of the juice box. Here is a delicious drink, that is truly appealing, with less than half the sugar of most other pouches (and no high-fructose corn syrup). Their secret is the just-so blend of teas and fruit juices.

They come in five flavors with fun, bright packaging and great names like Appley Ever After and Goodness Grapeness. This all-natural, great-tasting goodness has a mission to support the environment by planting trees, and the packages are recyclable too.

Honest Tea is a great company that we are proud to support. In 2010 The Huffington Post ranked Honest Tea as one of the leading Eight Revolutionary Socially Responsible Companies.

Check out the Honest Tea website and get your family involved in their mission to plant 50,000 trees.

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