Honeymoon Ice Cream—New Flavors are in!

Honeymoon Coffee Caramel Ice CreamYou can tell it’s summertime because we just got these in our freezer case…

Blueberry Lavender
A delicious mix of homemade blueberry jam with soft lavender oil.

Coffee Caramel
The Coffee Ice Cream is made from the tasty Equator Coffee.

White Chocolate Mint
Jersey milk and cream mix with small homemade white chocolate bits and spearmint. Very delicate. Not too sweet.

Add these to the list of others that we carry: Almond Toffee, Berries and Biscuits, Brown Butter Plum, Double Hazelnut, Chocolate Laurel, Southern Pecan, Strawberry Tarragon, and the most amazing Vanilla.

Honeymoon is the richest, creamiest Ice Cream possible. Each Honeymoon Ice Cream pint is handcrafted in their Mill Valley kitchen using farm-raised, grass-fed Jersey milk, and it’s packaged in a quaint, freezer safe mason jar.

About Jersey Cow Milk
Their milk comes from a Jersey cows who live in Tomales, and is delivered hours after milking. Golden, with a subtle, grassy undertone, it is rich, creamy, sweet, and tastes like outdoors.

Jersey cow milk is especially good for Ice Cream. The naturally luscious texture of the milk and cream means that you don’t need to add eggs or cornstarch to get that thick, custardy ice cream texture. Also, some people who have difficulty with other milk, find Jersey easy to digest.

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