Honeymoon Ice Cream

Honeymoon Ice Cream Ice cream like you’ve never had before.

Each Honeymoon Ice Cream pint is handcrafted in their Tiburon kitchen using farm-raised, grass-fed Jersey milk, and it’s packaged in a quaint, freezer safe mason jar.

They use fresh local ingredients, so the flavors change seasonally. We can tell it’s summertime with flavors like Strawberry Tarragon, Southern Pecan, White Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Laurel, Almond Toffee and an exquisitely simple Vanilla.

About Jersey Cow Milk
Their milk comes from a Jersey cows on a nearby dairy farm in Sonoma, and is delivered hours after milking. Golden, with a subtle, grassy undertone, it is rich, creamy, sweet, and tastes like springtime.

Jersey cow milk is especially good for Ice Cream. The naturally luscious texture of the milk and cream means that you don’t need to add eggs or cornstarch to get that thick, custardy ice cream texture. And if you’d like to know more about the importance of Jersey Milk, you can read all about it on their website.

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