How to Pour a Black and Tan

How to pour a Black and TanPractice Makes Perfect
Pouring a perfect black and tan takes practice, so best to practice first (when no guests are around). Once you have the technique down, you’ll have no trouble re-creating it’s layers for your friends. So, it’s time to learn how to pour a Black and Tan.

First pour half a bottle of the Harp into a glass producing a good head. Tilt the glass slightly as you pour. It’ll look 2/3 full, including the head. Allow the beer to settle.

Hold a large spoon upside down over the glass, and slowly and carefully pour the Guinness over the back of it.This will slow the flow of the beer. Try not to disturb the tan portion of the drink. The goal is to have two distinct layers of beer.

Instead of a regular spoon, you can try using a Black and Tan spoon—these spoons are made specifically for pouring the Black and Tan and are fitted to a pint glass.

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