Ice Cream Staff Picks

Ice Cream Staff PicksAt Piedmont Grocery, we see a lot of ice cream leave our freezer cases. It is a perennial favorite of both our customers and our employees. So, we asked around the store this week to find out what ice cream our staff recommend, and here are the results.

Wayne Davis, Store Manager: Humphrey Slocomb Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee
Wayne is a lover of good food and wine. He loves all of the Humphrey Slocomb flavors and even has a picture with the man himself from the Fancy Food Show.

Humphrey Slocomb Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee is a complex blend of rich coffee, chicory root, and condensed milk.

Ray Jenkins, Night Crew: Talenti Mediterranean Mint Gelato
Ray is a fool for mint chip, and in his opinion, the Talent is the best.

Talenti Mediterranean Mint gelato uses real mint leaves steeped for 45 minutes to get the perfect mint taste that is only amplified by the bittersweet chocolate flecks found throughout this iconic pint.

Al (Omar’s bother) Dela Cruz, Warehouse Manager: Mitchell’s Mango Sorbet
Al tries not to eat ice cream, but if he does it’s this mango sorbet.

Mitchell’s Mango Sorbet is made from intensely flavorful Indian Alphonso mangoes.

Omar (Al’s brother) Dela Cruz, Frozen Foods: Haagen Dazs Rocky Road
Al says the Haagen Dasz is the best tasting of any Rocky Road…and he should know!

Velvety swirls of marshmallow, roasted almonds, and Haagen Dazs’ legendary chocolate ice cream come together in this delight.

Amy Pence, VP: Loard’s Marble Fudge
The Marble Fudge is Amy’s her go-to ’cause the whole family likes it.

Loard’s Marble Fudge ice cream is made with creamy vanilla swirled with delicious chocolate fudge.

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