Photo of olives and extra virgin olive oil for the vendor of the month, Iliada

If you are looking for olives and olive oils of uncompromised quality, Iliada will not disappoint.

The makers of Iliada Olive Oil and Olives combine their Greek forefathers’ understanding of the olive tree with traditional harvesting and modern production methods. They operate with respect for the environment while maintaining the highest quality products. They are located in Kalamatas, Greece where the olives are grown.

Olive Oil
Iliada olive oils have been awarded one of the World’s Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils for 2022.

Iliada Olive Oils are 100% fully traceable mono-varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil that has been cold extracted within 24 hours from picking, These well-balanced multi-purpose olive oil make a welcomed part of every kitchen.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil—Emerald Line
Highly acclaimed olive juice produced from the Koroneiki olive trees variety, this olive oil meets all the essentials of organic harvesting.

Color Intense, from deep green to golden green

Aroma Pleasant and exquisite flavor. Its aroma shows a hint of green banana, vanilla, exotic fruits, ripe tomato, peach, and flowers.

Taste Smooth, fresh, and full-bodied with a pepper aftertaste

Use Ideal for cooking, salad dressing, grilled fish, white meat, raw sauces, pasta and vegetables

Kalamata PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil—Gold Line
Color Intense green to golden green

Aroma Medium fruitiness with aromas of green fruit, light bitterness, and light to medium pungency. Contains varietal notes of green banana, artichoke, freshly cut grass, tomatoes, and dried nuts

Taste Rich, full-bodied, and well-balanced profile, medium fruitiness, light bitterness, and light to medium pungency, with fresh pleasant and exquisite notes of green fruits giving a slight peppery aftertaste

Use Ideal for every application, frying, cooking, grilling fish, white and red meat, pasta and vegetables, sauce, and salad dressing. An everyday preference of chefs because it is both delicious and healthy and brings out the natural flavor of every ingredient

Iliada Olives are naturally sun-ripened on the tree before being harvested by hand. They are then marinated in brine and natural vinegar with no added preservatives. Use them to create an authentic Greek salad, to accompany cheese, or to add the color and taste of the Mediterranean to your vegetable trays.

Organic Green Olives—Emerald Line
Organic Kalamata Olives Pitted—Emerald Line
Kalamata Olives—Gold Line
Mixed Greek Olives—Gold Line

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