Introducing The Butcher’s Block

The Butchers BlockIf you like to cook, having a professional butcher you can talk to is an invaluable resource. Much like a good car mechanic, a good butcher can be the key to better meals with less strain on your wallet. Purchasing the perfect cut of meat for your recipe shouldn’t be difficult, but with all of the different offerings in the meat case, it’s easy to get confused. Throw in multiple names for the same cut of meat, and it’s even worse—that’s why having a “guy” you can go to and trust is immensely helpful.

We are fortunate our group of butchers has so much experience, and knows their craft. They want to share this with our customers. The Butcher’s Block is a way to pass on inside knowledge. Each month we will pick a cut of meat, and discuss it’s properties and uses so you can be better informed.


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