Ivy’s Reserve Vintage Cheddar

photo of Ivy's Reserve Vintage Cheddar on a board with figs and walnuts

Sheer deliciousness.
Ivy’s Reserve has been making award-winning cheese in beautiful Somerset England for over a century. Ivy’s Reserve Vintage Cheddar is the world’s first carbon-neutral Cheddar. It is made the old way with 100% green energy on Ivy’s family farm in the English county of Somerset, the home of Cheddar.

Ivy’s follows the recipe perfected by their grandmother almost a century ago. The cheese is aged for up to 18 months under wood until it takes on a very particular sweet creaminess, complexity of flavor, and nutty rounded finish.

If you like your cheddar strong and full-flavored, with crunchy calcium lactate crystals, this is the cheddar for you!

About Ivy’s
Grandmother Ivy taught the family to work closely with nature. This family tradition was begun by Ivy, who perfected our recipe around 1930. And, she used milk from the herds tended by her husband, just a stone’s throw from the Somerset village of Cheddar. Ivy fine-tuned a method of making vintage Cheddar that’s won us countless awards over the years.

These days there are a few more people working in the dairy but Ivy’s Reserve hasn’t changed. It is still made by the Clothier family in just the same way following Ivy’s recipes (now kept under lock and key). Ivy’s legacy lives on in everything they do—from caring for the farm and animals to ensuring that only the best of the best is good enough to go out under her name.

The milk used to produce their Cheddar is cultured with vegetarian rennet and is hormone- and rBST-free.

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