Jamnation Jams

Jamnation JamsPump up your Jams
With Jamnation Jams, authentic French cooking meets fresh California fruit in the best possible combinations of flavors. Their jam is intensely flavorful because they don’t use any pectin and use 20% to 40% less sugar than traditional jam companies.

They cook seasonally in small batches and produce fresh flavors with lots of fruit chunks. Jamnation takes the best Northern California varietals of seasonal fruit and pairs each with an exotic flavor that enhances the fruit without overpowering it. Talk about bold and bright combinations.

This SF based company uses the finest local fruits crafted with fair-trade sugar and spices to make bold jams that support developing countries. Local fruit meets global persist.

These are the flavors we are currently carrying so you can find your Spirit Jam:
Berry Mature: Sweet, summer blueberries are imbued with the subtle yet unforgettable flavor of elderflower.

Apricot Up in the Morning
Royal Blenheim apricots and delicate almond essence come together to create a seductively smooth and thick jam.

Plum and Get It
Intensely fruity, King Flavor pluots are kissed with honeysuckle for a taste of childhood.

Razzle Bazzle
Tangy, sweet Josephine raspberries are infused with the brightness of fresh basil for a uniquely delicious jam.

Sublemonal Message
Meyer lemons — a California obsession — meet fresh ginger for a mouthwatering marmalade.

Cardamom Knows Zest
Seville oranges + Sri Lankan cardamom combine to create an elegant and aromatic marmalade with julienned peel and only a touch of bitterness.

The Berry Last Straw
Succulent strawberries + tangy key limes — a perfect balance of sweet + sour sure to tantalize your taste buds.

And here is a link to a list of how their jams pair with different cheeses.

So help yourself to some damn good jam.

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