K. L. Keller Brine Mix

brine mixDivine Brine

If you’ve never brined a turkey, this may just be your year. Brining results in a juicy, fantastic turkey–especially if you are using one of our Diestel Turkeys.

K. L. Keller Brine Mix uses spices and peppers along with some of the best salts in the world to give your turkey an infused flavor and enhanced moistness. Using brine is a traditional way and really the best way, to keep meat flavorful and moist.

The “Classic” is pure Americana with a salted, briny subtext of sage, cracked pepper, bay and some secret ingredients. It is for the traditional bird. The “Spicy Maple” is great fun, bolder (but not too hot) and is for the times you’d like to try something new. Either will make for a happier Turkey Day.

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