Katz and Company

Katz and CompanyA Local Love Story.

Albert and Kim Katz met at UC Berkeley, fell in love, opened a Berkeley restaurant, and eventually moved to the Napa Vally where they began growing olives. They now have 30+ acres of mature, CCOF groves. They produce wonderful Artisan Vinegars from the grapes of Napa Valley, and field collect some very special honey.

We love Katz because they are local, absolutely top quality, have a strong commitment to stewardship of the land, and make very interesting products! They are great to keep stocked in your kitchen pantry. Here is what we’ve got:

Chef’s Pick Olive Oil is a staff favorite. It’s made up of three classic Tuscan cultivars. This unfiltered, certified organic, small production, extra virgin olive oil is the oil of choice for many of the finest restaurant kitchens and their chefs. It has rustic charm with grassy, floral overtones, rich fruitiness and a lush mouth feel.

Branches Honey is amazing field-collected honey from Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. We currently have the Citrus Blossom, Raspberry, and Range Wildflower on our shelves.

Katz’s produces Orleans Method Artisan Vinegar in an historic stone Carriage House on their Rock Hill Ranch. Their vinegars are recognized on the Slow Food Ark of Taste. We carry their Late Harvest Zinfandel, Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, Gravenstein Apple Cider, Trio Red Wine, and Sparkling Wine Vinegars.

Taste some, and fall in love, too.

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