Kerrygold Butter for Holiday Baking

Kerrygold Butter for Holiday BakingIrish Gold
You will notice the difference if you use Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter in your holiday baking. Kerrygold’s richness is fantastic in cookies, cakes, and pastries where it’s creamy, smooth, and subtle taste can shine. Their unsalted butter has a higher butterfat content and is a perfect butter for baking. The uniquely golden color of Kerrygold butter occurs naturally and the beta-carotene that brings out the gold gives a distinct flavor to the butter–sweet or lightly salted.

Kerrygold is also a delicious eating butter to spread on your favorite baked goods, a baked potato, steamed veggies, or warm crusty bread.

What makes Kerrygold butter so special?
It’s creamy and sweet and tastes more like butter than any brand we know. Kerrygold is so fresh-tasting! And, the richness of pure butter flavor makes it cherished by home and professional cooks.

The winds, rain and warming influence of the Gulf Stream all contribute to the lush grass Kerrygold cows feed on year-round. They produce sweet, rich milk, which makes Kerrygold’s butter significantly more flavorful, taste silky-creamy, and glow a healthy, golden yellow.

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