King Arthur All Purpose Flour

King Arthur FlourIn December we bake…a lot!

We couldn’t make it through the holidays without King Arthur All Purpose and Organic All Purpose Flours.

King Arthur Flour pays close attention to detail, consistency in milling, and set rigorous standards for the wheat they mill. It is consistent and dependable…simply the best! It  is ideal for a full range of baking: from french bread and pizza dough to pie crusts, from scones and muffins to the beloved Christmas cookie.

In fact, King Arthur has a great baking recipe archive on their website, including a nice, long list of holiday cookies.

Here is a link to one of their great holiday recipes:
Florentiners à la Mama

Florentines are crisp, delicate, lacy cookies made of cooked sugar and nuts. Their buttery sugar texture shatters on the tongue; and their toasty nut flavor is irresistible. The dessert equivalent of potato chips, it’s impossible to eat just one. Luckily, these recipe makes a large batch of super-thin, super-rich cookies.

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