KL Keller Brine Mix

KL Keller Brine MixA Staff Favorite

So many brine mixes are available, but Oakland-based KL Keller is our favorite. A magical combination of dried herbs and spices combined with outstanding Spanish sea salt ensures a moist, tender roast. Their one pound pack is enough to brine a 14–18 pound turkey. The blend contains sage, coriander, bay, black pepper and a pinch of chili flakes—but don’t worry, it’s not spicy.

The folks at KL Keller are salt aficionados, and they make this mix with unprocessed sea salt. It leaves a clean, briny flavor that brings out the best in any roast. There are no anti-caking or flowing agents. No additives means a clean ocean flavor with small, quick-dissolving salt grains.

KL Keller Brine Mix is also great with other meats like chicken and pork.

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