Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Cardamom Cream PuffsHow are you celebrating Fat Tuesday?

Cajun food is a favorite here at Piedmont Grocery, and we have many suggestions for adding some  celebratory feasting to your Fat Tuesday. If you feel like cooking tonight, how about some Cornmeal-​​Crusted Crayfish Pies, or Crab and Corn Pies with Corn Crab Sauce?

For an easy weeknight dinner, we have a large selection of Zatarians seasonings for your BBQ shrimp, condiments for dipping, and side dishes like Dirty Rice or Jambalaya Rice Mix. Or you can simply spice up your bread with Boar’s Head Cajun Style Mayonnaise.

We found one extraordinary recipe Cardamom Cream Puffs that you just have to try.

New Orleans is famous for cocktails, so don’t miss this chance to concoct your own Sazerac, a Southern Comfort Champagne Cocktail, or the classic Hurricane.

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