Lake Champlain Chocolate

A box of Lake Champlain Chocolate

Lake Champlain Chocolate knows how to make something delicious!
Lake Champlain’s artisans fit right in with Vermont’s legendary specialty food makers. And, we love their variety of flavors and beautiful presentation. If you are looking for a gift for a special someone, these are perfect!

Chocolate Candies and Truffles
We carry an assortment of Lake Champlain chocolates. Everything from seasonal bite-sized, milk and caramel hearts in pretty foil wrappers to beautifully decorated boxes of fine truffles. This month we are featuring a variety of Valentine’s Day boxes.

Lake Champlain Hot Chocolate
Gourmet hot chocolate as it’s meant to be: simple, pure, and delicious. Because grown-ups crave the soul-soothing taste of rich hot chocolate, too. Mixed from cocoa powder, sugar, and a kiss of vanilla, the same way your grandmother made it when you were little. Just add hot milk for a mug of gourmet hot chocolate for a rich, full-bodied, and deeply satisfying experience. Enjoy it for a special holiday breakfast, or a cozy evening chat.

Lake Champlain Hot Chocolate comes in some delicious flavors. Traditional Hot Chocolate is blended from just the essentials: cocoa, sugar, and vanilla. This traditional cocoa mix is guaranteed to please the chocolate purist in you.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate is a refreshing blend of rich cocoa and cool peppermint, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon—just the thing to warm everyone up.

Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate is spiced with fragrant cinnamon, a light kick of cayenne, and a kiss of sweet vanilla. And with just the right hint of spicy-sweet heat.

Unsweetened Cocoa
Is great for baking and drinking for your next kitchen masterpiece. This fair-trade, organic unsweetened cocoa powder is ideal for baking brownies and cakes, cooking up molés, and concocting delicious hot chocolate. It is Dutch-processed for optimal baking. This means its acidity has been reduced so it can impart nothing but serious, full-chocolate flavor and color.

About Lake Champlain
Lake Champlain has been crafting specialty chocolates in Burlington, Vermont, for 30 years. This family-owned business is passionate about chocolate and wants everyone to share in that passion. Since they made the first truffle in 1983, to the fantastic line of chocolates rolling off the line today, they have always combined creativity and craftsmanship. Lake Champlain only sources the best ingredients out there, to create premium chocolate that is truly unforgettable.

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