Laura Chenel Chèvre

Larua Chenel ChèvreA Sense of Place
Laura Chenel Cheese helps define the culinary landscape of Northern California. They reflect the fresh, bright flavor of our California climate and geography.

Laura Chenel’s clean, full- flavored cheeses are such a staple at Piedmont Grocery, we sometimes must remind ourselves not to take them for granted. This is really special cheese!

The recognized pioneer of American goat cheese production, from its inception Larua Chenel has been acknowledged as America’s first name in chèvre. Try their chèvre along with a selection of our luscious array of seasonal, regional produce.

Visit their website for some amazing goat cheese recipes including Arugula & Fig Salad, Fresh Crab and Asparagus Pasta Salad, and Laura Chenel’s Honey Chèvre Ice Cream.


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