Le Superbe Traditional Swiss Cheese

Le Superbe Traditional Swiss CheeseHeavenly cheese!
These are some of our favorite Swiss Cheeses. Le Superbe Cheese reflects the terroir of the green hills and meadows where their cows graze on fresh grasses and herbs. Raw milk cheese shaped by the unique local and natural conditions. The hand-crafted cheese is selected and refined by months to years of careful curing and slow maturation.

Le Superbe is is one of the oldest cheese makers in Switzerland. Their cheese dates back to the year 1115, when monks at the Rougemont monastery in the Gruyère region in Switzerland began to cultivate the surrounding Alps.

Swiss Emmentaller AOP
A true Emmentaler AOP can only be created in the unique atmosphere where Le Superbe cows graze. The best raw milk is processed according to highest quality standards and traditionally crafted by experienced master cheesemakers.

The tender bite and alluring ivory color with cherry-sized holes complete this perfect true Emmentaller AOP.

Le Gruyère AOP
This is a cheese with an unmistakable character with a spicy, mature taste, fine salt crystals, fruity note, and the fine aroma of roasted chestnuts or hazelnuts.

The consistently high quality is ensured by the protected origin of each Gruyère AOP, and also by the authentic production according to a traditional recipe. Pure natural ingredients are processed in copper kettles to produce a traditional maturation with the characteristic grainy, brownish rind.

We also carry their Cave Aged Gruyere with a more complex and mature flavor.

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