Llano Seco Hickory and Maple Smoked Bacon

Llano Seco Hickory and Maple Smoked Bacon (Uncured)Bacon simply can’t get much better!
Llano Seco Hickory and Maple Smoked Bacon (Uncured) is thick cut, slightly sweet, and deserves to be placed in your best dishes. Try it between lettuce, tomatoes, and a good crusty bread for the best BLT ever. No nitrates, just pure bacon goodness.

Llano Seco transforms pork into artisanal salted and smoked bacon. Harkening back to a time when butchery was a craft and home food preservation was the norm, they honor the traditions of historic European and American kitchens.

Smoked, salted, and cured, this bacon is based on pure meaty goodness.

A holistic approach to ranching
Llano Seco’s pigs are a cross of Duroc, Yorkshire, and Landrace breeds. The hogs are fed GMO-free vegetarian grains and legumes, 90% of which are grown on their own dry-land fields within a few miles of the barns. Pigs are confinement-free, raised in deep-bedded hoop barns with continual access to large, open-air pastures with plenty of sunshine and a great view of the California Buttes. The pigs are a “zero-waste” community, as all bedding is composted and applied to Rancho pastures.

All Llano Seco’s animals are humanely treated with best practices as certified by Global Animal Partnership. They direct every aspect of their product supply chain from animal birth through slaughter, butchery, recipe creation, production, marketing, and distribution. The meat has no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Joining forces with conservation groups and US Fish & Wildlife, Llano Seco works to restore native grasslands, wetlands, oak savannas and riparian forests in order to preserve and grow the diversity of animal and plant existence on the Rancho.

Rancho Llano Seco provides a variety of products while caring for the people, the animals, and the land.

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