Lovers Lane Honey

Lovers Lane HoneyFresh from the Beehive
Lovers Lane Honey produces 100% pure, unfiltered, Northeast Wildflower Honey on their small, family-run homestead in the foothills of Ukiah.

They place hives strategically in seasonal flower sources and distinct climates. The result is a delicious, colorful array of flavorful honey, made in the same spirit and with similar subtleties to a fine, well produced wine.

Each season’s batch of Lovers Lane Honey is consistently excellent and has its own unique taste which on the weather, soil, and plants in the immediate area of the hive. For food connoisseurs it is a gold mine of character. For those who like a little sweetness, Lovers Lane Farm honey is uncommonly delightful.

Lovers Lane Honey Farm works hard to ensure that every jar contains only the finest quality, minimally processed honey. This “liquid gold” has not been exposed to excessive heat and they do not adulterate or manipulate the bees’ formula. The end result is one of nature’s finest gifts, tasting exactly as it does when harvested from the beehive.

We carry the 8, 12, 24 ounce bottles.

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