mandarinquatsWhat are mandarinquats?
They’re a cross between a kumquat and a mandarin—and they are delicious!

Eat them whole, seeds and all. This fragrant orange fruit has a sweet-tart flavor. Like a kumquat, the rind is sweet and crunchy and the flesh tangy and soft creating a super-juicy sensory experience. Mandarinquats are only available for a short season in the winter. So, get them while we have them in the store.

Mandarinquats are part of the citrus family and were originally grown in California. They are delicious both raw and cooked. Rubbing the fruit between your palms will bring out the oils in the skin, which offsets the tartness of the flesh when eaten whole. The fruits will keep up to two days at room temperature and up to two weeks when stored in the refrigerator.

Mandarinquats can be sliced into rounds and added to salads, cooked in a simple syrup and garnished over meats such as roasted duck, mixed into baked goods like muffins, tarts, cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and bread, or whole slices of the rind can be caramelized or candied for a sweet flavor. The juice and zest can be incorporated into marinades, syrups, cocktails, marmalades, jams, purees, and vinaigrettes. Mandarinquats pair well with mascarpone cheese, toasted almonds, fennel, chicory, fresh herbs, balsamic vinegar, vanilla, sesame oil, pork, and chicken.

Caramelized Mandarinquats with Mascarpone on Toast Recipe
These are general instructions (without measurements) for a popular way to eat mandarinquats. This can be made with either mascarpone or ricotta cheese and you can also add a variety of oranges.

Mandarinquats (additional oranges optional)
Olive oil
Mascarpone or ricotta cheese
Crusty bread

Cut the mandarinquat into 1 /8 to 1/4 thick inch slices. Arrange the mandarinquat slices on a parchment-lined baking sheet and drizzle them lightly with olive oil. Sprinkle the citrus with a light dusting of sugar.

Place the baking sheet under the broiler until the fruit begins to caramelize on the edges (about 5 minutes). Make certain to watch them carefully to avoid burning. Remove the citrus from the broiler and allow it to cool slightly.

Brush the bread with olive oil and broil it until it is gold and crips around the edges. Flip it over to toast the other side (about 3 to 4 minutes). You can also toast the bread and drizzle it with olive oil afterwards.

Serve the toast with cheese and caramelized citrus.

Note: Vegans can substitute the cheese with mashed avocado that has been sprinkled with a little sea salt.

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