Marin French Cheese Co. Petite Breakfast

Marin French Cheese Company's Petite BreakfastMarin French Cheese Company’s Petite Breakfast is a fresh and tangy cheese with a mild flavor and slightly spongy texture that is reminiscent of creamy cheese curds. Because of this, it is delicious on a crusty baguette for breakfast or any time of the day. It is also delicious in salads and  in hot dishes.

Marin French crafts their distinctive cheeses in small batches using traditional cultures and coaxing the distinctly Western Marin County coastal terroir and flavor into every cheese. They have been in the same location for nearly 150 years. (That’s even longer than Piedmont Grocery!)

They have been making their iconic Petite Breakfast since 1865. Petite Breakfast follows the same cheesemaking process as their other cheeses, but skips the aging room, making it a fresh Brie. It is an elegant, 4-ounce triple-crème Brie wheel made with fresh cow’s milk and cream from neighboring Marin County dairies. This 4-ounce wheel is the perfect size, offering convenience, versatility, and a unique flavor.

Petite Breakfast pairs well with a Sauvignon Blanc or wheat beer. Check out Marin French Cheese Co.’s recipe for a Petite Breakfast & Asparagus Omelet on their recipe page.

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