McCann’s Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal

McCann' Irish OatmealIrish soul food.

Oats is oats, right? Not when we are talking McCann’s.

This oatmeal is full of a toasty, nutty flavor, has a satisfyingly firm texture, and is oh-so filling. It makes a great, winter breakfast that is hearty enough to stand up to almost anything you toss into it. And then there’s that great tin. 

Made from 100% whole-grain, Irish oats, they contain all the vitamins and nutrients that can be removed by processing. And your doctor will tell you all the benefits of eating oatmeal. We love McCann’s oats with a dab of butter and a teaspoon or two of local wildflower honey.

If you are into porridge, check out The Golden Spurtle—home of the world porridge-making championships. Their recipes alone are worth the visit.

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