McLaughlin Coffee Company

McLaughlin CoffeeWe are happy to tell you that Piedmont Grocery is now carrying McLaughlin Coffee — some of the best beans around!

McLaughlin has been quietly distributing its delicious products to cafes and restaurants in the Bay Area. And now you can brew it in your own home.

Located in Emeryville, McLaughlin is super-local. And in coffee terms, that means super-fresh. They are an excellent, and consistent roaster of delicious coffee. And guaranteed, you have tasted their goods at some great establishments. (Ever have Max’s Blend at Cole Coffee? That’s McLaughlin.)

McLaughlin Coffee is a family-owned and operated coffee roasting company that has been selling specialty coffee in Emeryville, California since 1983. Their mission is to provide outstanding roasted coffee, excellent personalized service and training, and a diverse product selection. They only roast a specific coffee when the orders justify roasting a new batch. It doesn’t sit on the shelves.

In the store, as we write this are these roasts: Breakfast, Max’s Blend, Italian Roast, Organic Peru, Organic Mexico, and Decaf Natural.

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