Metaxa Ouzo

A glass of Metaxa Ouzo and water against a blue background.

Greece in a bottle
Metaxa Ouzo is perfect for savoring over ice, in an Ouzo Martini, or blending with water or your favorite tonic. This Ouzo is one of connoisseurs. Perfectly balanced flavors include anise plus a rare and treasured Greek ingredient, mastic, from an oaky-flavored evergreen shrub harvested on the island of Chios.

Metaxa brings the sense of a gentle sea breeze in a velvety texture. Look for a bright licorice scent and bold, mouth-filling licorice candy flavor.

In Greece, ouzo drinks are traditionally served with ice, as it is a summer drink. Chilling a drink helps to aerate the nose and the palate. Ouzo Pours clear and transforms into an attractive milky opalescent when ice water is added.

Metaxa Ouzo is distilled in 100% copper stills in small batches that help reveal all the richness of its flavors.

The nose is floral and grassy, and the palate is wonderfully vegetal, offering herbs, ascorbic acid, and a hint of sweetness. Beautiful.

The finish is slightly astringent and leaves the palate with a clean aftertaste.

Metaxa Ouzo is a drink every Greek simply must try.



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