Mevgal Greek Feta

Photo of Mevgal Greek Feta on a cutting board

Greek feta cheese is true feta.
And Mevgal Greek Feta just might be our favorite. Feta, a Greek word meaning slice, hails from Ancient Greece. Mevgal Greek Feta is produced from fresh, pasteurized sheep and goat’s milk. It has a rich taste, natural white color, deliciously distinct aroma, and has matured for at least three months.

About Mevgal
The Mevgal company, one of the largest dairy producers in Greece, was founded in 1950 in Macedonia. Mevgal has partnerships with over 1,000 local farms that provide the milk for their products. Mevgal makes feta cheese using PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) standards and using traditional methods. The freshness and premium quality of the raw materials are reflected in Mevgal’s wide range of pasteurised dairy products: milk, yogurts, cheeses, desserts and rice puddings.

Ideas for using Greek feta
Crumble Mevgal Feta Cheese onto your next salad to experience the delicate texture and tangy, salty flavor.

Use it in a sandwich where its slightly sweet taste helps this cheese stand out. Incorporate it into a dip. It won’t clump together, so a block of feta is the best choice when blending it into a dip or whipping it into a creamy spread.

Include it in a cheese board. Feta might not be a traditional choice, but it gives variety to your flavors.

Switch things up and use it in a quiche or frittata.

Or try it in one of these recipes from our blog.
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If you want the best, choose Mevgal Greek Feta.

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