The Mint Julep

The Mint JulepAnd They’re off!
The first Saturday of May brings the Kentucky Derby and its respective cocktail staple: The Mint Julep. While simple to make, it is easy to mess up. This cocktail is all about showcasing your favorite Bourbon by way of nuance. We are selecting 5 different Bourbons that we find especially suited for this drink:

Four Roses
Evan Williams
Maker’s Mark
Buffalo Trace
Woodford Reserve

Come in and perhaps try something new!

The Mint Julep
2 oz. Bourbon Whiskey
1 tbsp simple syrup
6 mint leaves
And lots of crushed ice.
Crushed ice is crucial to thins drink.
And a mint sprig to garnish.

You can use either a Julep cup, or a highball glass for this drink.

Start by adding the simple syrup and mint leaves (omit the stems, as they are bitter). You want to gently muddle the mint leaves to extract their oils. Careful not to pulverize the leaves (nuance is key).

Add a generous portion of crushed ice. As you pour the bourbon, use a swizzle stick to stir the entire drink from top to bottom. If done correctly, you’ll start to notice frost developing outside of the cup. Once the frost develops, add more crushed ice to the cup (it should be overflowing with ice… like an adult snow cone).

Before you garnish the drink with the mint sprig, place it in the palm of your hand and clap it. This sounds funny, but it brings the oils right to the surface. Trust me, your nose will appreciate it.

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