Monin Flavoring Syrups

Monin Flavoring SyrupsMonin’s Syrups can instantly transform a drink from ordinary to extraordinary.
We have found that Monin Flavoring Syrups have the most balanced flavor and sweetness of any syrups we have tried. There is nothing artificial tasting about them. They are perfectly smooth and not too sweet or strong. This is why so many chef stores and good coffee shops carry Monin.

What started over a century ago in a small town in France has become a global reputation for quality. Try them in your cocktails, teas, lemonades, to flavor sparkling wines and, of course, Italian Sodas.

Experiment with dressings, marinades, sauces, and dessert recipes, for delicious creations. The Monin website has a great collection of culinary recipes with ways to cook using the syrups.

These are the favors we currently are carrying in the store:

Elderflower Syrup gives sweet floral highlights to sparkling wine cocktails and plays well with the juniper flavor of gin.

Dark Chocolate Syrup finds bitter notes through the purity of its cocoa beans and creates a rich, deep flavor unlike any other. Mix up decadently dark cocktails, lattes, mochas, shakes, and smoothies.

Pumpkin Spice Syrup mimics the all-time favorite pumpkin latte flavor and is grandma’s famous pumpkin pie in a bottle. The perfect combination of warm, decadent pie, baked crust crumbles, and a dash of cinnamon. Choose it when making that ever-popular fall pumpkin latte as well as frappes, shakes, and martinis.

Cranberry Syrup’s tangy, sweet, berry flavor brings tartness to cranberry margaritas and cocktails, hot and cold berry teas, holiday specialty drinks, lemonades, cocktails, and sodas.

Mojito Mix Syrup is a Cuban classic that couldn’t make Mojito mixing any easier. Cut through all the time and prep, and start enjoying your favorite mixed or frozen drink or delicious dessert.

Cherry Syrup brings a balanced sweet, tart taste to a huge variety of drinks. Create tasty cherry sodas, chocolate cherry mochas, iced teas, or cocktails that put flavor first.

Ginger Syrup takes its bold spiciness to cocktails, lemonades, iced teas, and exotic, fruity sodas.

Raspberry Syrup lingers somewhere between sweet and tart. It’s a delicious addition to cocktails, sodas, coffee drinks, and frozen beverages.

Pomegranate Syrup promises to add an extra punch to unique margaritas, martinis or cosmopolitans.

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