Morton & Bassett Spices for the Holidays

Morton & Bassett Spices for the HolidaysFreshen up your spices for holiday baking!
The spices you choose play a big outcome in everything you prepare, that is why we recommend Morton & Bassett for more dimensional flavor. And, now we are carrying them in convenient half-sized jars. They’re fantastic to grab when you don’t need a full jar of a particular spice. And, it ensures your spices stay fresher when you purchase smaller quantities. Plus, those little jars are charming.

We love Morton & Bassett because they provide the best quality, most flavorful spices in the world. In fact, the difference in quality is so pronounced, you can easily see the difference through the glass jars. And, yes, they are a San Francisco-based company, so you know you are buying local.

We carry the full line at Piedmont Grocery—try a few in your holiday baking!

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