Mother-in-Laws Gochujang Fermented Chile Paste

Mother-in-Laws Gochujang Fermented Chile Paste ConcentrateGochujang is the most popular pantry staple in Korea and Mother-in-Laws is our favorite.
We use it in traditional Korean dishes—and also like tomato paste in cooking, dips, sauces, or sandwich spreads to impart spicy umami flavors.

Mother-in-Law’s signature gochujang paste is made using time-honored traditional methods. The unique, thick consistency comes from finely milled sweet rice flour and ground gochugaru chile, which blend together seamlessly in a surprising balance of hot and sweet. Add a spoonful to your marinades for meat, seafood, or vegetables, blend with other condiments such as mayo and ketchup, or mix with soups and stews.

Mother-in-Law’s grew out of a labor of love to share a delicious, artisanal kimchi. As an avid food and wine lover, founder, Lauryn Chun, was inspired to recreate the same recipes from her mother’s beloved restaurant in Southern California. Lauryn was inspired by the beauty of Korea’s handcrafted tradition of kimchi as a fine food that belongs in the ranks of fine fermented foods like wine, cheese and beer.

And if all this isn’t good enough, the natural fermentation process in making Gochujang means it a healthy probiotic food that is good for your digestion.

We also carry Mother-in-Law’s Gochugjang Fermented Tangy Chile Sauce for dipping, Gochugjang Bibimbap Sesame Chile Sauce, and Gochugaru Korean Chile Pepper Flakes.



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