Muddle & Wilde Syrups

Muddle & Wilde SyrupsBotanical-infused syrups handcrafted from citrus, herbs, spices, and flowers.
Muddle & Wilde use whole fresh fruit and real herbs and spices to create aromatic elixirs. They are inspired by California citrus, flavors from around the world, and a desire for healthier, natural drink mixers. These truly-natural, low-sugar, amazing-tasting drink mixers are perfect for craft cocktails and botanical sodas.

The handmade herb, spice and flower blends pair perfectly with water or your spirit of choice. Each has a uniquely wonderful fragrance and an amazingly complex flavor profile that’s sweet, sour and bitter all at once. An 8-ounce bottle has 16 servings with only 6 grams of cane sugar making Muddle & Wilde a healthy, low sugar option.

Some of the flavors that we have in stock include:

Herbaceous lavender is perfectly paired with energizing lemon. Mix with vodka, gin, sparkling wine & soda water.

Exotic allspice and warming ginger mingled with tangy lime. Mix with rum, vodka, bourbon & soda water.

Woody rosemary fused with invigorating grapefruit. Mix with gin, tequila, sparkling wine & soda water.

Juniper-Lime-Lemon Verbena
Vibrant Lemon Verbena and lime rounded by the tonic-like taste of juniper, Mix with gin, vodka, sparkling wine & soda water.


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