Mumbai Snack Mix

A bowl of Mumbai Snack Mix on a red table top

From Indian Life
Mumbai Snack Mix is a delicious snack made with delicately spiced chickpeas, peanuts, and green peas. It can be considered a healthier alternative to chips and is loaded with authentic Indian flavor.

Mumbai Snack Mix makes a delicious topping adding crispy texture and unexpected zing to soups and salads. You can use it to top any meal or dip and it is delicious on cottage cheese. Of course, it is wonderfully tasty right out of the bag. If you like spicy crunchy things, this is very addictive.

If you love Indian food you’ll love Mumbai Mix.

Indian Life uses plant-derived ingredients that are GMO-free, organically certified when possible, and sourced from local suppliers to keep jobs in the communities. All their raw ingredients come from the earth itself.

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