Nicasio Valley Cheese

Nicasio Valley CheeseLike many of our local vendors, Nicasio Valley Cheese has a compelling story that spans generations. At the age of 17, Fredolino Lafranchi immigrated to America from Maggia, Switzerland; his dream was to one day own his own dairy.

That dream became reality in 1919, when he established the Lafranchi Dairy in the western Marin town of Nicasio. Fred and wife Zelma raised their children on the ranch, and their eldest son, Will, has carried on the legacy.

Will visited Switzerland many times over the years and established close relationships with his extended family, where meals always included cheeses from local artisans. Will’s desire to create these cheeses back home in California was the genesis of Nicasio Valley Cheese Company.

The ranch’s 400 cows now provide milk for their cheese. The company began an organic conversion in 2006, and today, all their cheeses are made from 100% organic farmstead cow’s milk.

Customer favorites include:

  • Award-winning Foggy Morning–soft with a very subtle tang. This cheese is excellent on its own or paired with either savory or sweet accompaniments.
  • 2011 Good Food Award winner Nicasio Square is the company’s first washed-rind cheese, with a golden-orange rind and a distinctive aroma and flavor, reminiscent of a Taleggio.
  • Formagella is made in 3-4” rounds with a velvety white exterior, similar to Camembert or Brie.

Looking for something simple and delicious? Raise the bar on grilled cheese sandwiches with Nicasio.

Nicasio’s website includes recipes for risotto, bruschetta and pasta.

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