Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossom FestivalTwo weekends of Japanese food and culture!

There will be food booths, cultural performances, martial arts, live bands, the annual Queen Program, exhibits and demonstrations of ikebana (flower arranging), sumi-e (brush/ink painting), calligraphy, bonsai (tree dwarfing), origami, and doll-making. Traditional Japanese music will fill the air at recitals spotlighting koto (harp-like instruments), shakuhachi (bamboo flutes), and shamisen. This year there will even be a Hello Kitty food truck.

The Grand Parade will be held on Sunday, April 19th at 1 PM beginning at SF City Hall, and concluding in Japan Town.

Saturdays and Sundays: April 11 & 12, 18 & 19
Japan Town San Francisco
And here’s a link to their Schedule of Events.

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