Numi Moroccan Mint Tea

A cup of Numi Moroccan Mint Tea and a candle on a wooden table

A cuppa comfort
Soothing Numi Moroccan Mint tea is also known as nana mint. This flavorful mint variety flourishes in North Africa. Light and lively as a newly picked leaf, its sweet spearmint flavor is refreshing any time of day. It is delicious hot or iced.

Nana mint grows in the arid climate of Faiyum, Egypt, where Numi’s Fair Trade Certified partners plan to invest in schools, sanitation, and a bus to transport workers.

Try a warm cup of Numi Moroccan Mint Tea straight up or with a touch of honey and milk of your choice.

About Numi Teas
Numi Teas are made with the purest organic tea leaves, herbs, flowers, and spices. Nothing else. We love Numi not only because they craft delicious teas and are Oakland-local. But, also because of the good they put back into our community and how they steward the planet.

Numi Teas are:

  • Sourced from the purest organic tea leaves, herbs, and flowers straight from nature with no compromise
  • A certified B Corporation and social enterprise made with a plant-based tea wrapper and non-GMO manila hemp cellulose tea bags

We offer a range of Numi’s premium quality, organic, Fair Trade green, black, white, and pu-erh teas, and herbal teasans.

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