O Vinegars

A photo of honey white balsamic vinegar for O Vinegars

O Vinegars are sophisticated.
Each has a unique flavor profile that can change the nature of a dish. We like stocking our pantry with a variety of flavors for creative cooking.

O’s Vinegars are handcrafted with love in small batches, in the heart of California wine country, at their state-of-the-art fermentation facility. Their very own vinegar cultures and time-honored techniques allow nature and time to work their magic.

About O
All of O’s olive oils and vinegars are handcrafted with 100% clean, real ingredients, lots of love, and a splash of fresh California attitude to make everyday food taste extraordinary! O’s premium vinegars and olive oils give chefs and home cooks endless options to bring the fresh flavors of California to the table.

Committed to sustainability
O is committed to sustainability. All of their products are responsibly sourced with 100% clean ingredients—no chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, or coloring. No artificial anything ever. And, they are transitioning thousands of acres of traditionally planted olive groves into sustainable organic trees by 2025. D

What we have in the store right now:

Citrus Champagne Vinegar
Bright, crisp, and dry with a zesty lemon twist. Lovingly crafted to citrus-y perfection. Live and delicious. Elegant sparkle with a sunny California attitude.

Oak Aged Balsamic Vinegar
Dense, complex, and sweet. Aged under the warm Sonoma sun. Meticulously crafted for nuance and robust flavor. Taste of oak, dark fruit, and real vinegar love. Delicious and live. This is balsamic the California way.

Fig Balsamic Vinegar
Dark, lush, complex. California balsamic brightened with a touch of ripe fig. Oak-aged, thoughtfully crafted, and made with love. A shout out to the Franciscan monks who brought these luscious Mission figs to Sonoma from the old world.

White Balsamic Vinegar
Light notes of apple, pear, and almond. Crafted from golden, luscious muscat grapes with love. Delicate in color, but full of rich, smooth balsamic flavor. Sweet like the California sun.

Honey Apple Vinegar
Round, lightly sweet, and just the right amount of tart. Smell the sun-ripened apples. Taste the golden, clover honey. Carefully crafted for rich flavor and robust health.

Pomegranate Vinegar
Sweet & tart. Ripe fruit. Juicy flavor. Ripe and round. A hint of raspberries and Mediterranean lands. Deep scarlet pomegranate juice steeped in crisp California champagne. Antioxidant-rich and straight-up delicious.

Aged Sherry Vinegar
Lightly floral, smoky and oh-so-smooth. Made with sun-ripened palomino grapes and aged slowly in toasted white oak barrels. Intriguing hints of almond and apricot.

They also produce a wonderful line of olive oils.

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