Oakland Art Murmur

Oakland Art Murmer The Oakland Art Murmur is alive and flourishing during COVID-19. While many galleries are closed to the public, there are still great opportunities to experience art outdoors and at home on your computer. Check out some of the offerings that are up in August.

Walking Tours

Oakland Art Murmur features both guided and self-guided walking tours, introducing visitors to Oakland’s galleries, artists, murals, and public art. Tours include public art walks, mural tours, and neighborhood art walks.

Other Events
Stuck at Home Series brings a little creative growth to our lives during closure. Each post features a different Creative Growth artist and their work.

Planting the Seeds of Change is an online experience that takes viewers through a 3-D multimedia exhibit, capturing the stories and ideas of students through artwork, videos and interviews. The exhibit event features new work by students and a comprehensive retrospective of the award-winning program, ArtEsteem.

Within the Distance—Johansson Projects is a virtual garden exhibition that hangs in the trees, sky, and in a treehouse. This magical space features new works by various artists.

Color Fields features paintings by Juan Alonso-Rodríguez and photography by Carol Inez Charney who both address the expansive nature of color, light, and space.

The Storefront Initiative
Art and artists have never been more valuable—or more endangered—than in 2020. Each month, artists install work in empty storefronts throughout the city. Help them continue this work by making a donation. 100% of the proceeds will go towards artist compensation.

Check out the Oakland Art Murmur’s website for details.

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