Oakland Dust

Oakland DustHomage to Local Barbecue
With Barbecue season in full swing, we keep turning to Oakland Dust for amazing flavor. Oakland Dust creates hand-crafted, locally inspired spice rubs for all your favorite foods. These unique blends add flavor to all your dishes.

Try dusting on popcorn, roasted veggies, salads, pulled pork, and naturally…your barbecue.

Lloyd Ross, founder of Oakland Dust, was born and bred in Oakland and still lives here today. “I created Oakland Dust for my love of food and for the city I proudly call home,” he said.

Oakland dust rubs come in seven deliciously-blended flavors and four BBQ sauces.

Pork Rub

Signature Blend originally crafted for pulled pork—also works well with ribs or pork chops. Combines smoked paprika, brown sugar, garlic, ancho chili and spices for a unique natural flavor profile. Suggested for slow smoking or grilling up your favorite pork.

Beef Rub
Steaks are for grilling or searing, so dust your meat before and after to experience the finest steak ever known! The blend of smoked paprika, kosher salt, chipotle and a top secret trifecta of crushed pepper will have you asking for more.

510 Spicy Steak Rub
Give steaks a nice kick with Sweet Lou’s Rub 510 spicy steak rub. Named after our own area code!

Chili Lime All-Purpose Rub
This Chili Lime spice blend is excellent on chicken, steak and pork. Try grilling Chili Lime dusted boneless skinless chicken thighs, dicing and adding to a hot tortilla for a tasty street taco.

Seafood Rub
Whether grilling, searing or roasting seafood, citrus in one form or another is always in play. This blend is magical and should be taken seriously! Enjoy on all seafood.

Poultry Rub
The marriage of sage, rosemary, and thyme is a classic medley. Try finishing with a dash of soy sauce and fresh lemon juice to really bring out the flavor!

Curry All Purpose Rub
This classic curry flavor tastes great on all meats. Try sprinkling on veggies and even over pasta.

BBQ Sauces
The ONE BBQ Sauce
This smokey, sweet Texas style sauce is named The One for good reason. There’s nothing it ain’t good on.

The ONE Hot BBQ Sauce
With a kick, this smokey, sweet, Texas style sauce is named The One for good reason. There’s nothing it ain’t good on.

Oakland Gold
Sweet, tangy Carolina style mustard sauce. Great on pulled pork, chicken or ribs. Oh yeah baby, pour it on!

Hog Sauce for BBQ and Dipping
This Carolina style vinegary dipping sauce is a guaranteed life changer. Pour over pulled pork to create the finest sandos known to man.

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