Oatly Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Vegan, cold, and creamy.
This great-tasting frozen oatmilk is proof that keeping things simple is the key to happiness (or at least a nice-tasting dessert). Oatly’s flavors are delicious, fresh, and taste like the natural plant-based ingredients they are made from. You will not miss the dairy in this non-dairy alternative.

Oatly is made without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources. This plant-based treat is made with oats rather than cow’s milk which saves the plant a lot of CO2. It comes in a recycled carton and all the ingredients.

What we currently have in stock…

Deploys a bold chocolate flavor that lets you know at first spoonful that it would like to extend a hand and make a proper introduction. It tastes like a frozen creamy ganache of chocolate, without any malty/chocolate milk powder distractions.

This dessert is made with organic, fair-trade coffee that brings a not-too-milky, real-coffee flavor you really have to taste to understand. It’s a feat of technology and imagination that warrants turning off whatever device you’re reading this on, grabbing a spoon, and heading out the door to find the nearest freezer.

Mint Chip
This mint chip tastes leafy green and remains fresh—while its cooling sensation is fused into some dark, contrasty chocolate chunks—as it proudly refuses to resemble anything close to an after-dinner mint.

The flavor is bold and handsome with this one, made with real vanilla seeds, natural vanilla flavor, and a hint of sea salt—all of which complement the subtlety of the oats perfectly.

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