Olive Bar

A selection of olives from our olive bar in a white bowlOlives deserve a place in your holiday festivities.
Visit our olive bar to get just the right amount of one of our favorite condiments. These salty, rich, tiny treats are perfect for appetizer boards, condiment trays, ground into spreads, tossed in salads, simmered with beans or stews, and dunked in cocktails. They deserve our praise because…what’s not to love?

There are hundreds of types of olives, and we have chosen a variety that presents an array of flavors and styles of preparation. So, stop by the store and check out our olive bar in its newly expanded display.

Hint: they are some of the best olives we have sampled. So, make certain to pick up enough for snacking—you don’t want to run out before the guests arrive!

Here is what we have right now in our olive bar for $13.99 per pound.

Castelvetrano Pitted
Castelvetrano Whole
Cerignola Whole
Giant Pitted
Italian Mix
Kalamata Pitted
Kalamata Whole
Nicoise Pitted
Natural Mix Pitted
Oil Cured
Picholine Pitted

Jalapeno Stuffed
Pimento Stuffed

African Red Peppers Stuffed with Feta and Mizithra
Green Macedonian Peppers Stuffed with Feat and Mizithra


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