Organicgirl Arugula

Photo of Organicgirl Arugula on pizzaOrganicgirl Arugula is easy to love.
These greens are clean, crisp, and last a long time in the fridge—just like hand-picked greens from the garden. You can really taste the distinct flavor. These greens are so tasty that you’ll end up eating more greens. And, they don’t even need washing.

Organic Girl Arugula can multitask. It’s great as a salad but even better for cooking. Spread some arugula on top of pizza straight from the oven, add it to your favorite pasta dish, or sauté it with spinach for a spicy side dish.

Even though arugula appears frequently in salads, it is a member of the cabbage and mustard green family. This explains its signature peppery bite—prized by both chefs and home cooks. Cooked, arugula also resembles the delicate texture of cooked spinach. The flavor of cooked arugula is more mellow than when raw, with a very light spicy bite.

Tasting notes
Baby arugula is spicy, peppery & flavorful with a bit of attitude.

About Orgaincgirl
Since 2007 Organicgirl has set out to change the industry, dedicating themselves to finding better ways to grow, package, and deliver a wide variety of premium greens—greens full of flavor and loaded with personality. Organicgirl is a community of people who love to live and eat well and share what they make with others.

All of Organicgirl’s greens are grown locally in the Salinas Valley.

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