Pacific King Salmon

SalmonCalifornia’s fishery managers have approved the longest commercial salmon fishing season in eight years, and we’re happy to be stocking fresh, wild Pacific King Salmon in our seafood department. The longer and colder the riverin which salmon spawn, the higher the fat content, richer the flavor and firmer the texture. Something you may not know: salmon are generally named for the places they come from;

the prized Copper River Salmon, for example, come from the Copper River, which is the longest, coldest river in Alaska.

What to do with salmon? Just about anything–it can be grilled, sautéed, baked, stuffed, broiled or eaten raw in sashimi or ceviche. The high fat content helps keep this fish moist and succulent. This may be a longer season than we’re used to, but it won’t last forever. Plan to add salmon to your summer menus on a regular basis.

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