Parrano Cheese

Parrano CheeseIf you haven’t yet tried Parrano cheese, we recommend you do! It is one of our most popular cheese—it simply flies off our shelves!

Parrano is an unforgettable cheese with a distinctly Italian temperament. Parrano artfully captures two of the world’s best-loved cheeses, Parmesan and Gouda,  to create a truly unique cheese. Its five-month aging time produces a full-flavored cheese with the nutty, buttery characteristics of Parmesan and the smooth, creamy texture of a young Gouda. It is aged to perfection and the taste is loved by many.

Parrano is a cheese that is full of flavor and versatile enough to cut, grate and melt. We love it in sandwiches and salads and for snacking straight up. It does very well in recipes and is perfect for melting on a juicy, grilled burger or try it in grilled cheese. Parrano elevates an everyday meal to something special.

Pair with a lager or a Syrah.

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